A Throw of the Dart Will Never Abolish Chance (2011)

A Throw of the Dart Will Never Abolish Chance

3 Custom Dartboards, Digital Printing

Artwork Information

"A Throw of the Dart Will Never Abolish Chance" is an artwork inspired by the well-known work by French poet, Stephane Mallarmé, titled, "A Throw of the Dice Will Never Abolish Chance."

I took Mallarmé's poem as a starting point for my artwork, which consists of three industrially fabricated dartboards, each inscribed with the title of the piece in my Englyph writing system.

As an artist who is concerned with control over the production of my pieces, I allowed chance to enter the making of the boards, as I had little power over how the end product would appear. I placed an order and hoped for the best.

In addition, the dart boards intimate the difficulty of creating a perfect outcome -- in this case, presumably, hitting a "bull's eye" -- regardless of the intentions or efforts involved. There is a point at which mans talents and will are still subject to the caprices of chance and happenstance.