Hello From Kala (2013)

Hello From Kala

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50 Archival Inkjet Prints (4 in x 6 in Each),
50 Single Channel Videos, Sound, Paper, Pencil

Artwork Information

(link to hellofromkala.info)

For my 2013 Artist-In-Residency at the Kala Institute in Berkeley, California, I used the actual space of the institution as a backdrop in a set of fifty videos. Each video documents the creation of the word, "Hello" in my Englyph writing system using my custom laser-cut stencils.

Each "hello" was written on a greeting card, which was then packaged with an archival print of a still from the video documenting that card's creation. Each card was sent to various colleagues and art world contacts.

A website, "Hello From Kala" pinpoints the location of each card site, as well as diplaying the documentation video for each card's creation.