The Handstan Videos (2007-2009)

Handstan In We R Superior

Handstan in 'We R Superior'
Single Channel Video, Sound, 2 min 33 sec, 2007

Handstan In My Sweet Santa

Handstan in 'My Sweet Santa'
Single Channel Video, Sound, 2 min 45 sec, 2007

Handstan Love's Not A Bad Thing

Handstan in 'Love's Not A Bad Thing'
Single Channel Video, Sound, 2 min 33 sec, 2008

Artwork Information

The 20th Century saw "Pop Culture" become a highly industrialized and commercial phenomenon. The advancement of media-related technologies in the 21st Century has allowed the individual to wield the power to manipulate and distribute sounds and images with a breadth that was once solely the domain of large corporate entities.

The Artist of the 21st Century now has the option to reinvent and re-interpret Popular Culture in a personalized manner, using all of the tools that technology offers. I use digital media tools to re-imagine Popular culture through an artistic lens.

The Handstan music videos imagine a computer-animated "Pop Star" named Handstan and refers to images from album covers and music videos – creating a game of "Guess the Reference."

The Music Video puzzles are pop ephemera chewed, digested, and purged into condensed form. They celebrate the innovation and Do-It-Yourself spirit of the early music video, while commenting on the form, itself.