Fifty Gifts (2010)

Fifty Gifts

50 Inkjet Prints, 4" x 6",Each Unique, Signed and Framed
Interactive Web Site

Artwork Information

The "Holiday Season" is a time in which many people in the Western tradition don the apparel of civility and kindness towards others. These acts of outward magnanimity and generosity are commonly referred to as "Good Will." I am a proponent of practicing Good Will every day — however imperfectly — in an effort to expand its benedictions beyond any prescribed day, month or season.

As giving a gift during this season is understood as an act of Good Will, I am thrilled to join the fun and spread cheer amongst my family, friends and colleagues. As such, "Fifty Gifts" -- comprised of 50 unique, hand-crafted objects and accompanying Web site -- are my gift: A token of salutation and wishes of health and prosperity in the coming year.

The visuals contained in each print are abstract only to the degree to which the viewer cannot "read" them. Each message is formulated in Englyph, a new writing system I have developed, to look at the language we know so well from an unfamiliar vantage. Each recipient of one of these fifty gifts receives a Web link to a translation of a personal greeting.